Interview with Schubach Aviation CFO and COO Trey Munday

Interview with Schubach Aviation CFO and COO Trey Munday

Trey MundayChief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer Trey Munday joined the Schubach Aviation team in May 2022, following a successful 15-year banking career that began at Merrill Lynch in New York City. In his dual role, he oversees daily operations through the strategic lens of the company’s long-term goals and vision. As a pilot himself, he has a passion for aviation – as well as devoting his free time to a non-profit in honor of his late son, The Jack Munday Surf Foundation.

We asked Trey some questions about his day-to-day at Schubach Aviation and working in private aviation:

  1.   Tell us about your background, prior to joining the Schubach Aviation team in 2022.

I started my career in banking.  I worked for my uncle, who was a commodities broker while I was in college.  After graduating, I took a job in NYC working for Merrill Lynch in the fixed income trading & corporate sales group.  I learned a lot about corporate finance and loved NYC. However, my wife and I eventually wanted to start a family and we felt like San Diego would be a better place to do that.  I found a position with Union Bank as a business lending officer in San Diego.  I soon realized that I loved working directly with business owners.  I spent a lot of time digging into their operations and trying to advise them on all matters of their business.  Many clients were supportive of my efforts, and several encouraged me to start consulting on business finance matters.  In 2010, I left the banking industry to start a CFO consulting firm.  I grew the firm to a team of six and we supported businesses in various industries with accounting and finance services.  On a couple of occasions, I was hired by our clients to be their full-time CFO and/or COO.  In 2020, we lost our eldest son, Jack, in a car accident only a few blocks from our house. Jack inspired everyone in our family to not waste time and do the things in life that you love.  I started flying lessons after his passing, which is something I have always wanted to do.  I quickly became obsessed with aviation and determined that I wanted to work in the industry that consumed all of my waking thoughts.  One day in early 2022, I reached out to Kim to see if she needed any help, and the rest is history!   

  1. What does your day-to-day look like, as CFO and COO of Schubach Aviation?

What I love about my role, and our business, is that every day is different. Growing companies have a way of keeping you on your toes, which I thrive in.  The future is very bright for Schubach Aviation and our team, and there are lots of projects that the management team is focused on that will allow us to continue to improve.  My daily focus is to ensure that we keep moving the ball forward and that our team has what they need to do their best work.  As with any business, there are setbacks and challenges, but when you get to work around these beautiful aircraft every day, somehow nothing seems that bad.

  1. What do you most enjoy most about working in the aviation industry?

I’ll tell you what I don’t enjoy; nothing!  The people and machines are by far the best part of the job.  I love talking to pilots about their flights and guests about their trips.  We sit at the beginning and end of an important business trip, a long awaited family vacation, or a quick getaway for some fun.  To be part of making those things happen, is a gift.  I also love climbing around in the jets and talking to the pilots and maintenance team about all aspects of the aircraft.

  1. In your opinion, what sets Schubach Aviation apart from other private jet charter operators?

Our industry is full of amazing and inspiring operators. Having said that, the Schubach team sets us apart.  I have never worked with such a loyal and dedicated group of people, who truly enjoy what they’re doing and want to see the company succeed.  Schubach is its people.  In every department, you will find a team of experienced, inspired, and trustworthy individuals who take pride in their work and go out of their way to make a client’s experience the best they can. 

  1. You come from a long lineage of aviators and have your pilot’s certificate (with an instrument rating). What is your favorite aircraft to fly? 

A better question might be, what aircraft do you really want to fly?  I am at the beginning of my flying career, and love flying the Piper Cherokees at the club that I belong to.  It’s a great aircraft for cutting your teeth; forgiving and stable.  Ultimately, I would love to get type rated in one of our charter fleet aircraft.  That’s a few years away, but it’s good to have goals!

  1. Where did you last fly on a private charter jet?

I recently got an opportunity to fly to Arizona with a client who was purchasing a new (to them) aircraft. We jumped in and took it for a test ride at 30,000ft!  That was a memorable trip, and a lot of fun.

  1. What do you most enjoy about flying on a private charter jet?

Everything about private flying is better than the alternative.  From the welcoming lobby of the FBO, to the awaiting aircraft and crew, to the flight in a comfortable cabin and destination that may not be available on an airline, the whole experience is “miles above” the alternative.  The experience makes the journey itself part of your trip and not just a means to an end.

  1. What is your favorite flight destination?

Personally, I love flying myself and some friends to Catalina for lunch.  The airport is perched up on this gorgeous plateau and the views of the water coming into the airport are stunning.  It’s as beautiful as flying to any island in the Mediterranean.  There’s a great little restaurant at the field and the views on the patio are amazing.  I highly recommend the trip, but you can’t get there in a jet! 

  1. Charitable giving is a part of Schubach Aviation’s DNA. You and your wife run a non-profit organization (in honor of your late son, Jack) tell us about how you’re giving back through The Jack Munday Surf Experience.

We lost Jack when he was 16 years old.  He was an avid surfer and was studying ASL (American Sign Language) in high school.  He had a dream of starting a surf school for the deaf. Jack embodied so many admirable character traits in his short life.  He was fun-loving, loyal, encouraging, compassionate, quick-witted, and above all, a loving soul.  He taught us so much while he was here.  We started the Jack Munday Surf Foundation as a way to give back to our local community by trying to share the lessons that Jack taught us.  Our main mission is to take special needs kids into the surf to give them a surfing experience that they might otherwise not have an opportunity to do.  For our family, the ocean is a very healing place.  Our events seem to be as much fun for the volunteers as they are for the participants.  We feel that we are making Jack proud, and his spirit is ever-present in our community.

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