Exploring Schubach Aviation’s new visual brand identity

Exploring Schubach Aviation’s new visual brand identity

To coincide with Schubach Aviaton’s milestone 30th anniversary, we partnered with award-winning La Jolla-based creative agency SixteenFifty, to reimagine our visual brand identity. We’re excited to share some insight into the evolution of our branding, inspired by the statement that has defined our very essence – “above and beyond.”


Look closely and you’ll discover that our sleek new logo is an abstract interpretation of the letter “S.” Plus, a creative take on a vertical stabilizer (or tail fin) – the static part of the vertical tail of a private jet.

Schubach Aviation Logo

Color palette

Our new color story is especially symbolic to our work, it’s inspired by and encompasses the color gradient of the setting sun from our familiar perch in the sky, at 41,000 ft

Schubach Colors

Shapes + textures

Elements of our aviation environment, including the sun, moon, runway signs, tarmac marks, cockpit gauges and more, were playfully incorporated into our identity to add texture and layers to its look and feel.  

Schubach design inspiration

Next time you fly Schubach, look for our new branding at touchpoints from takeoff to touchdown.

Schubach Aviation