Schubach Aviation’s award-winning 2022 Citation XLS Gen 2 now available for charter

Schubach Aviation’s award-winning 2022 Citation XLS Gen 2 now available for charter

At Schubach Aviation, we pride ourselves on having the right private jet for every charter flight. We are pleased to introduce our latest fleet addition, the award-winning 2022 Citation XLS Gen 2. Now available for charter, read on to see if the mid-sized private jet is well-suited for your next charter flight.

An outstanding combination of exceptional comfort and best-in-class performance, the Citation XLS Gen 2 boasts an award-winning redesigned 461 cu ft cabin for superior comfort and productivity on your next private jet charter. It’s configured with six pedestal seats, plus a side-facing two-place couch and single side-facing seat across from the enclosed lavatory. With a range spanning North America, it’s suitable for private charter flights to some of the most popular leisure destinations, including Cabo San Lucas, Jackson Hole, and Aspen, as well as business jet charter to over 2000 airports in the US.

Updated private jet features include a new lighted airstair door, ergonomically-designed seats with individual controls, enhanced ambient lighting, and additional in-flight accessible storage. The aircraft’s improved cabin technology features include an intuitive wireless cabin management system, wireless charging, USB charging ports at each seat, transducer surround sound and more. Plus, it’s equipped with a Fresh Air air filtration system to keep cabin air clean. 

Citation XLS Gen2 Specifications

  • Passengers: 9
  • Crew: 2
  • Cruising speed: 507 mph
  • Range: 2,100 nm 
  • Cargo space: 90 cu ft

Inquire with our charter advisors about the Citation XLS Gen 2 for your next private jet charter: 800.214.8215.

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