We’re Making Flying Private Even More Worry Free

We’re Making Flying Private Even More Worry Free

A woman and man getting on a private jet

While flying private is a safe alternative to commercial airlines, significantly reducing risk of virus exposure during travel (we outline the benefits, here), we have also adopted heightened safety measures to keep our customers as protected as possible. In addition to adhering to the recommended guidelines from governmental health and aviation agencies. Read on for what to expect the next time you fly Schubach:

  • Extended ground time for aircraft, in-between flights, to allow for increased, stringent cleaning protocols.
  • Each aircraft is thoroughly disinfected and sanitized in between flights by a professional aircraft cleaning service, with special attention paid to high-touch surfaces, using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended disinfecting products. 
  • Flight crews wear face masks when interacting with passengers.
  • Flight crews undergo a COVID-19 screening prior to each flight.
  • Aircraft are equipped with complimentary alcohol-based hand sanitizer and face masks that meets CDC guidelines.
  • Passengers are pre-screened for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms.
  • Ongoing monitoring of both international and domestic flight restrictions.
  • Active participation in a national aviation industry “Charter Flight Covid-19 Task Force” monitoring near and long-term safety concerns and evolving best practices

Please contact us for more information or questions about our increased health and safety practices. charter@schubachaviation.com