2021 Private Aviation Trends

2021 Private Aviation Trends

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2020 brought with it unexpected (to say the least) challenges for the private aviation industry, while also bringing to light opportunities for growth and improvement. What’s the forecast for the year ahead? Read on as Schubach Aviation Owner and CEO Kimberly Herrell pinpoints what trends will have the most significant impacts on the industry this coming year.


Safety will continue to be a top priority for clients when making the decision to fly private, with operator’s COVID-19 precautions carrying as much weight as a flawless operating record. From extended ground time to allow for increased cleaning protocols, to COVID-19 screenings, operators will make every effort to exceed the recommended guidelines for a more worry-free flight experience. 

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Increased demand

Interest in flying private (for both business and leisure) will continue to grow as a more worry free alternative to flying commercial. We anticipate this trend to be ongoing. Inquiries are expected to only increase as travel ramps up, heading into the fall and winter of 2021. In particular, we foresee a significant rise in business travel, as restrictions are lifted and in-person meetings become the norm once more. 

Extended, multi-destination trips 

In light of the new, remote workplace, clients will make the most of their flexibility with extended stay, international trips and multi-destination itineraries that allow them to truly experience what each destination has to offer.

Remote locations

Clients are and will continue to seek more than just a “social distance” from others, especially as in-demand travel destinations begin to welcome visitors again. Remote destinations and über private accommodations, particularly those that allow for time spent outdoors in nature, will be highly sought after as clients look to truly get away within their comfort zone. In the same vein, wellness-related travel, as highlighted on our blog here, will continue to be in demand.

Mexico & Carribean 

Mexico and the Carribean will continue to be a big draw in 2021, as travel has remained relatively unrestricted. Clients will enjoy the comfort and familiarity as they revisit favorite destinations, including Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Nassau and St. Thomas.

Personalized travel

Travel-ready  clients will opt in for bespoke itineraries and one-of-a-kind experiences, much like our Private Access program, that allow them to get the most enjoyment out of a destination based on their personal interest without the headache and stress of research and planning.

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