Tips for Flying During COVID-19

Tips for Flying During COVID-19

At Schubach Aviation we are taking decisive action to adapt our operations to best safeguard passengers and crew members in response to the new challenges we all face. In these unimaginable times, our normal routines have been disrupted by heightened measures to ensure public health and safety. Your needs have likely shifted along with the best ways to address them.

As commercial travel becomes increasingly constricted in the wake of COVID-19, private aviation offers an increased level of privacy. As a result, you might be weighing the benefits of leveraging private aviation from a health and safety perspective.

Private Aviation Benefits to Consider:

• Private jets leave from private—not public—terminals so there are no lengthy
waits in commercial terminals during the check-in or boarding processes. At many
private terminals, passengers are able to drive right up to the plane, thus
completely eliminating the need to walk through common areas.

• Flight companions can be limited and controlled by you, thus reducing the risk of
airborne transmission. A great advantage for any traveler and especially those
deemed high risk at this time.

• Booking flexibility allows you to arrange travel efficiently, making for quick
departures when your personal and business schedules require immediate travel.

• Flying private often allows access to airports closer to your destination and the
ability to visit a destination in a single day, often eliminating the need for an
overnight stay.

When selecting a private jet operator to fly with, you’ll want to keep in mind the

DO fly with an aircraft provider that emphasizes the health and wellbeing of its
clients and flight crew by deep cleaning and sanitizing aircraft before each use.

  •  Schubach uses professional aircraft detailing services who conduct an
    exhaustive cleaning between every flight to ensure the entire aircraft
    interior including seats, carpet and high touch point areas are sterilized.
    During the interior surface wipe-downs, the leather seats are cleaned with
    hospital-grade disinfectant cleaner friendly enough for the leather, while
    also killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

DO ask charter providers if and how they are monitoring the health of each
crew member to ensure less risk for all.

  • In addition to stringent handwashing and sanitization
    requirements Schubach Aviation pilots are required to log
    temperatures prior to arriving for flight assignments.

DO ask charter providers if they are monitoring the health of and travel history
of passengers traveling aboard their aircraft.

  • Schubach Aviation asks that all passengers complete a health questionnaire
    and list possible exposure to anyone or any area deemed a
    COVID-19 “hot spot.”

DO ask charter providers if they are directly operating the aircraft being
provided or if they are brokering the aircraft. If the aircraft is brokered, how are
they ensuring consistency in following best practices.

  •  Schubach Aviation directly operates a fleet of aircraft with control over
    cleaning procedures and crew reporting directly to us following our
    procedures. When it does make sense to offer a brokered option for
    clients, we access a trusted operator network subject to thorough vetting
    prior to each flight. In addition, we only allow those wearing gloves to
    handle baggage transfers pre and post flight.

At Schubach Aviation, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing the safest
options and best value when the need to fly arises. Our crew is working above and
beyond to help bridge the distance between you and your loved ones in a safe and
secure way.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our charter team with any questions or future
needs. We stand ready to assist.