Schubach Partners With Bombardier Offering a 5 Year Walkaway Lease On a Challenger 300

Schubach Partners With Bombardier Offering a 5 Year Walkaway Lease On a Challenger 300

Schubach Aviation is pleased to announce a special offer in conjunction with Bombardier. We are offering a five-year, no risk, no down, walkaway lease of a brand new Bombardier Challenger 300.

If you charter frequently and have considered owning an aircraft, this could be a perfect solution for you. In particular, this is a tremendous opportunity if you don’t fly often enough to find outright aircraft ownership fiscally practical.

The Aircraft

The Challenger 300 is the undisputed super-midsize category leader. It has a stand-up cabin that comfortably seats eight to nine passengers, with a state-of-the-art Ethernet cabin electronic system with Hi-Fi sound. The tremendous 7-hour range of this aircraft allows for superb flexibility in flight destinations. With one of the quietest cabins in the industry, the Challenger 300 provides a relaxing flight experience, no matter your destination.

The aircraft flies with versatility, performing exceptionally under all types of conditions. With a high speed of 525 mph, you will reach your destination quickly and safely.

The clean sheet design meets the very latest compliance standards, while the superior and ergonomic avionics suite reduces pilot fatigue, increases situational awareness, and allows for easier observation and troubleshooting.

The Lease

Bombardier is offering an incredible opportunity, a 5 year walk-away lease on a brand new Challenger 300 jet, covering a large portion of the direct operating costs and some of the fixed costs as part of the deal.

Bombardier will pay for all training, maintenance, parts, and engine programs throughout the lease term, while Schubach will cover all aspects of aircraft management. The the structure of this offer provides predictability and reduces the investment risk to lessees.

Schubach Aviation’s aircraft management role would specifically involve hangaring, scheduling, insurance, providing crew, etc. As part of the arrangement, Schubach would maintain the option to charter the Challenger 300 when you are not planning on using it. As part of the agreement, we agree to return a fixed fee for every hour of charter, further offsetting your operating costs.  Owning a new jet while reducing the operating costs is one of the most advantageous parts of this offer.

Option One: Sole Ownership

This option is simple – the lessee will outright “own” the plane throughout the course of the lease, flying it wherever and whenever, and chartering it out for the balance of the hours. The definite term lease makes it an attractive offering. You know exactly what you are getting and how long you will have the aircraft.

Option Two: Co-ownership with You and Schubach

In this scenario, hours are divided between multiple parties. Part of the ownership belongs to the charter operator, Schubach Aviation, while the balance of the hours are divided between you and another partner. This allows the partners to pay their fair share of the fixed costs, essentially allowing ownership of the aircraft for half of the fixed costs. The lease solution allows you to have a piece of the airplane with a partner, lower your fixed costs, and leverage the expertise and management of a charter company like Schubach Aviation. At the end of the 5 year lease, you essentially hand the keys over to the bank and walk away.

How does this compare to Fractional Opportunities?

Unlike fractional offers, in which you own a small share of a fleet of aircraft, this is your airplane. When 5 years us up, your financial commitment will end as well.

 The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an aircraft ownership option that is simple, predictable, and no-risk, this definite term lease is for you. Bombardier’s state-of-the art Challenger 300 will provide you with a safe and comfortable flight, while Schubach will work with you to manage operating procedures.

We are excited about partnering with Bombardier to offer this exceptional program, and look forward to answering any further questions you may have about it.

For more details about the program terms, download the fact sheet by clicking the link below. If you are ready to explore this opportunity now, click here and I will follow up with you directly.

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