Private Aviation Trends

Private Aviation Trends

The private aviation industry landscape is ever evolving, as new technologies, regulations and offerings emerge.  As 2019 continues to unfold, here are the trends that Schubach Aviation’s President, Kimberly Herrell, is seeing take shape:


Next-level amenities 

A natural extension of the elevated in-flight experience are luxe amenities, customized when possible to a client’s specific needs. Depending on the aircraft, offerings can be as over-the-top as an on-board spa or gym. But more often, in-flight comforts include spacious lounges, as well as appointments like entertainment centers, complimentary high-speed WiFi, galleys with a curated refreshment center, and mini-bar. 

This year, Schubach Aviation has partnered with prestige personal care brand, Erbaviva Organic Skincare, so that clients can refresh while enroute with a range of high-quality soaps, creams, and more crafted only with USDA organic ingredients.


Safety first

An ongoing pilot shortage has gripped the private aviation industry in recent years, as more than 22,000 pilots reach retirement age in the next decade. What does that mean for frequent flyers? A lack of qualified pilots could potentially put travelers at risk, as less experienced pilots take to the cockpit. 

To mitigate this troubling issue Schubach Aviation has taken steps to ensure clients’ safety. Aside from hiring only the most experienced pilots, we offer benefits like a better work/life balance to avoid ‘pilot burn-out’ and invest in our team’s continuing education and cultivate their professional growth. 


Going up… 

The private aviation industry is experiencing impressive growth, which directly correlates with a robust economy and corporate profits—  coupled with an increase of affluent millennial travelers. In 2019, growth is projected to be as high as 3%.

To better serve its clients Schubach Aviation has augmented its fleet of 15 managed and charter aircraft with three new long range jets — a Hawker 850XP, Challenger 350 and Citation Latitude — and plans to continue to grow its fleet in 2019.


EXPERIENCES > thingsElevated Excursions by Schubach Aviation

Consumer’s travel habits are beginning to reflect recent research that experiences bring people more happiness than material possessions, This growing ‘experience economy’ means private travel is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. 

Schubach Aviation’s Elevated Excursions, highly curated experiences that leverage the benefits of private aviation, allow our clients to be fully present in the moment as they check off their bucket list. In collaboration with our network of luxury brand partners, we’ve hosted bespoke, day-long excursions for the wine enthusiast, art devotee, and auto aficionado! Learn more about our Elevated Excursions!