Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel


The holidays are near and it’s time to make your holiday season travel plans, whether it’s to visit loved ones or to take a time out before the year’s end. Flying private takes the stress out of travel during what is notoriously the busiest time of the year— avoid long security queues, unreasonable baggage restrictions and the frenetic rush to the airport. Fly on your own time— simply arrive and settle in and relax knowing one of our experienced pilots will safely get you to your destination. But which one of Schubach Aviation’s 14 charter aircraft is right for your travel needs? Below we match popular winter holiday destinations with our recommended charter aircraft:


Ski Town Escapes


Powderhound-favorite destinations like Big Sky Country, Aspen, Tahoe or Sun Valley typically cannot be reached non-stop by commercial flight. Make the most out of ski season by flying private to arrive closest to your final destination, in the shortest amount of time.


Get there via our CJ3, which comfortably accommodates seven to eight passengers and has a generous capacity of cargo space, ideal for larger groups traveling with ski equipment. It will also navigate the limitations of small ski town airports, for example short runways that larger jets cannot fly in and out of.



Europe Wintertime Getaways


Long haul destinations, like Europe, are most comfortably reached by flying private— take the entire family for a holiday getaway to enjoy the unmatched wintertime beauty of Zurich, Switzerland, Prague, Czech Republic or Paris, France.


Get there via one of our heavy jets, like the Gulfstream IV or Challenger 601, which not only travel at the fastest speeds (465 knots) but are also the most spacious with the largest capacity for both passengers and luggage— twelve and an ample 115 cubic feet of cargo, respectively. The seating areas can be made up into beds, so you arrive to your destination feeling refreshed and restored.


Follow the Sun


Beat the winter doldrums with a carefree weekend down south for some warmer weather, pristine beaches and cool ocean breezes with our CJ1— and perhaps a tropical libation complete with a requisite cocktail umbrella. Flying private will find you wheels-down in as little as two hours!


Get there via one of our light jets, like the CJ1 or Citation II. With a family-friendly capacity of six to seven passengers and 50 to 70 cubic feet for luggage it’s the perfect (and economical) choice for a weekend away.


Back East:


Head to the East Coast to reconnect with family or just to get a taste of ‘weather’ in the bustling Big Apple or the quaint historic streets of New England? Dreaded (but commonplace) poor weather-related delays and travel disruptions are less likely to keep you grounded when flying private, charter flights have more flexibility and can agilely access to many more airports and routes as opposed to commercial airlines.


Get there via one of our midsize jets— the best bet for a longer range flight for seven to eight passengers, averaging 2200 miles and a cruising speed of 440-470 knots. The Challenger 300 is our largest and most comfortable— and comes equipped with wifi.



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Nacole Gray