10 Things You Can Only Do on a Private Jet
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10 Things You Can Only Do on a Private Jet

Schubach-Aviation-Blog-MainWe often get asked what truly separates a flight on a private jet versus flying on commercial airlines. Of course, private jets are the epitome of luxury, but there are more subtle forces at work that convert people into paying up for private.

Private jet travel can be a seamless part of your lifestyle, a quiet (or not so quiet) place where one can do whatever it is that helps them unwind and recharge. We got together as a team and came up with 10 things that you can only do on a private jet —

#1 Arrive at the airport 5 minutes prior to departure.  The ability to pull your vehicle up plane side, load your bags and get settled in as you taxi down the runway for far away places is like nothing else.

#2 Hold a private conversation.  Prep for a big meeting, consult your attorney, have meaningful conversations with friends and family before you even touch down at your destination.

#3 Take off your shoes and relax.  Commercial flights can be anything but relaxing.

#4 Bring your pet. We don’t require pets be service animal certified.  If your pet is a member of your family you just can’t leave behind that’s good enough for us. No crates necessary.

#5 Listen to your music/movie in speaker.  Use the on-board entertainment system or turn up your laptop. Enjoy that movie or music sans headphones.

#6 Make your kids do their homework.  Well, there’s that option, or you could just free your child from the typical restraints of a commercial flight and let them just be kids with plenty of space to move around and no disapproving glances from strangers.

#7 No awkward bathroom lines.  No need to elaborate here.

#8 Host a live music session.  We’ve had clients bring acoustic guitars on board for a lively sing along and have even had a saxophone performance mid flight.

#9 Do yoga in the aisle.  Just because you can.

#10 You’ll always have an aisle and a window seat!

Have we missed any of your questions? Would you like to learn more about this? If so, please let us know in the comments section of this post or contact Schubach Aviation by phone 760.929.0307 or by email charter@schubachaviation.com

Nacole Gray
Nacole Gray