What is The Average Hourly Rate of a Light Jet?

What is The Average Hourly Rate of a Light Jet?


In today’s charter market there are many different pricing structures, this can make it difficult to understand what the true value is. A good starting point is to know the average retail hourly rate for each class of jet. These rates are based on total flight time including positioning legs back to the airplane’s base. In other words, if you are flying from San Diego to Aspen one-way, the return flight time will be calculated into the price. When considering “one-way” or “point to point” pricing like many Jet Card programs advertise, anything over twice the retail hourly rate is higher than the true retail value.

If you are flying round trip for a short period of time, one-way or point to point pricing can cost twice that of an on demand charter. I recently received an email from a popular one-way operator boasting that their light jet one-way rates had gone from $7300 to $5700. I really hope that people aren’t actually paying these exorbitant rates.

I’ve listed some of the most popular light jets below, the rates include a fuel allowance or surcharge. They do not include landing fees and Federal Excise Tax (7.5%).


Phenom 100           $2200
CJ1                            $2190
Citation II                $2290
CJ3                            $2550


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