Featured Charter Destination – Marfa, Texas

Featured Charter Destination – Marfa, Texas

Have you ever heard of Marfa, Texas? If you’re a modern art enthusiast, it’s a must-visit destination. Over the past few decades, this remote desert town has evolved into an unlikely focal point for appreciators of art, architecture, fashion, and music.

An Art Destination

It’s identity as an arts destination began in the 1970s, when the minimalist Donald Judd arrived in town. He acquired a 400-acre Army base, which he populated with his own works of art as well as his personal collection. Now, that land is owned by the Chinati Foundation, and it remains an incredible space to explore, filled with fascinating installations and exhibitions.

Beyond the Foundation, Marfa is filled with galleries and museums that allow you to experience different styles of art. It’s the perfect destination for contemporary collectors, with works available from well-known artists.

If you drive 26 miles out of town along a lonely stretch of highway you may not believe your eyes when a high-end Prada store comes into view, sitting completely solitary (and fully stocked) in the open desert. It’s a permanent art installation by the Berlin artist duo Elmgreen and Dragset. This implausible and noteworthy installation is simply known as Prada Marfa.

Other Reasons to Visit

The food is another experience that beckons visitors to Marfa. Much of it is locally grown, and restaurants are friendly to vegetarian and vegan eaters. The restaurants have the eccentricity and energy that seems to exist throughout all aspects of the town.

Visitors also explore the many shops in town for interesting clothing, jewelry, and decor. Much of the merchandise is hand-made and unexpected.

How to get there?

There are no commercial flights into Marfa, the closest commercial airport is a few hours drive away. Private Jets can fly directly into the Marfa Muncipal Airport (MRF) – it’s a quick 2 hour flights from San Diego. We recommend flying a light jet like the CJ1 or if flying with a larger group a mid-size like our Hawker 800XP.

Once you’ve arrived, we recommend staying at the luxurious Cibolo Creek Ranch. It’s gourmet food and rejuvenating spa are two major perks. Enjoy the gorgeous views throughout its 30,000 acres in the Chinati Mountains while experiencing total Southern hospitality.


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