The Schubach Fleet Review: Which Aircraft is Right For Your Travel Plans?

The Schubach Fleet Review: Which Aircraft is Right For Your Travel Plans?


Schubach Aviation offers a variety of aircraft to choose from within its ten-aircraft fleet. From a small turbo prop that can carry seven to eight passengers on a quick flight, to the Gulfstream IV that can fly worldwide, there’s an option that fits the needs of any mission.

Turbo Props

Schubach Aviation has one turboprop in its fleet:

·     ŸŸŸKing Air 100

One of the most economical option for flying private, the King Air has a capacity of 7-8 people and 64 cubic feet of cargo space. With a comfortable cruise speed of 270 knots, it is the ideal option for larger groups with a lot of luggage (such as golf clubs, ski’s etc.) as well accessing airports with short runways that jets cannot fly in and out of, sometimes getting you even closer to your destination.

Light Jets

There are currently two options for light jets within the Schubach fleet:

·     CJ1
·     Citation II

Each has a capacity of 6-7 people or pets, and a range of approximately 1200 miles. With 50-70 cubic feet of cargo space, depending on the aircraft you choose, a light jet is perfect for taking the family on a weekend trip and for anyone looking for the most economical jet option.

Midsize Jets

Schubach has four midsize jets in its fleet:

·     Hawker 600
·     Hawker 800XP
·     Citation Sovereign
·     Challenger 300

With the ability to carry 7-8 people, a longer range averaging 2200 miles, and a cruise speed of 440-470 knots, a midsize jet is the perfect option for a trip across the country to the east coast. Each aircraft has it’s own unique benefits; The Hawker 600 is very competitively priced and can offer you the headroom of midsize jet for pricing that is closer to a light jet. The Hawker 800XP has a stand-up cabin, is very fast and competitively priced. The Citation Sovereign has ample luggage and can access shorter runways than other midsize jets. The Challenger 300 is the largest and most comfortable, has an extremely quiet cabin and complimentary wifi.

Heavy Jets

Schubach offers two heavy jet options within its fleet:

·     Challenger 601
·     Gulfstream IV

Heavy Jets have the greatest passenger and baggage capacity, and travel at the fastest speeds. These jets have the capacity to seat 9-13 people and around 115 cubic feet of cargo space, They are ideal for a flights going from coast to coast or to Hawaii as well as flying internationally. On international flights the seating areas can be made up into beds allowing passengers to sleep, arriving at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to go. Heavy jets are also great for shorter range trips with passengers that feel more comfortable in a larger aircraft as well as larger groups.

Choosing the Right Jet

At Schubach we will always suggest the right aircraft to fit your needs. Let us know your trip details and expectations, and we will work with you to select the perfect aircraft.

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