2022 Private Aviation Trends

2022 Private Aviation Trends

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Private aviation boomed in 2021, as operators welcomed an unprecedented number of first-time private jet fliers (and buyers). Will that demand carry into 2022? Read on as Schubach Aviation Owner and CEO Kimberly Herrell shares her predictions and the trends that will have the biggest impact on the industry in the year ahead.

Continued Demand

2021 saw a pandemic-fueled all-time high of first-time private jet fliers and this growth will continue into 2022. Those that experienced the convenience, ease, and access afforded by flying private for the first time last year don’t intend to return to commercial air travel any time soon. 

Back to Business

Corporate and business travel, which had steadily increased in the end-of-year, will return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022 as in-person meetings become the norm again.

New Ownership

Increased interest in ownership (especially first-time buyers) will continue to fuel the demand – and subsequent limited inventory – for both new and pre-owned jets for purchase. 

Jet Upgrades

Fueled by pandemic-related uncertainty, existing aircraft owners will reaffirm their commitment to private aviation by upgrading to more sophisticated, larger jets with greater reach and capability. In addition to increased investment in comforts, including the latest technology and improved connectivity. 

Pilot Shortage

A shortage of experienced pilots will further impact the private aviation industry, unable to keep up with the strong demand for flying private, which has exceeded pre-2020 levels, and new aircraft ownership. 

International Travel

2022 will welcome the return of international travel, to destinations including the Caribbean, South American, and Europe, as clients take trips they had previously delayed. 


As private jet demand continues to boom in 2022, savvy travelers will increasingly scrutinize operators’ safety records and certifications, seeking out those that demonstrate a higher commitment to safety, beyond the industry standard.

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