Flying Globally, Giving Locally: Schubach Aviation Announces Donation-Per-Mile Program

Flying Globally, Giving Locally: Schubach Aviation Announces Donation-Per-Mile Program

Schubach Aviation is pleased to announce two charitable recipients for its 2016 giving campaign. Selected for their positive contributions to the San Diego community, the nonprofits are: (1)  Promises2Kids, serving the critical needs of foster youth; and (2) Shelter to Soldier, bringing post-9/11 combat veterans together with trained, rescue dogs to help heal and move forward.

For a fourth year, Schubach Aviation will donate one cent for every mile flown on the company’s private charter flights. The year-long campaign expects to raise at least $12,000 ($6,000 to each) for the local charities. Through this sincere, purpose-driven program, Schubach Aviation is not only raising critical funds for these non-profits, but they are also introducing each cause to their affluent client base who care about making a positive impact.

“The majority of our clients are philanthropic,” said Henry Schubach, president of Schubach Aviation. “We are inspired by their generosity and pleased to stand with them in giving back to our community. In addition to the funds generated by miles flown, we will support our two non-profit partners with special events and other fundraising opportunities throughout the year.” Schubach Aviation clients will also be given the opportunity to match the funds generated by their flight.

Promises2Kids was founded 35 years ago to provide support to children removed from their home and placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect. On any given day in our community, there are over 3,000 children living in foster care. As a result of their trauma, 80% of foster children have mental health challenges and without support and guidance, less than half will complete high school and over 30% of will be homeless as adults. Promises2Kids is dedicated to creating a brighter future for foster children.  A critical asset for the community, Promises2Kids helps youth get past the difficulties of their childhood and grow into healthy, happy and successful adults. Promises2Kids supports these children through its core programs: the Polinsky Children’s Center, Camp Connect, Guardian Scholars and Foster Funds. With Schubach Aviation’s support, foster youth will receive educational scholarships and experience activities like participation in summer camp where they can spend time with siblings who are in the care of separate foster families. A career day is planned at Schubach Aviation where foster youth will be able to see first-hand what work responsibilities are like for pilots, maintenance personnel, and flight support staff who keep the brand’s safety record flawless.

“We are honored to be taken under their wing and be able to further our work with foster youth thanks to Schubach Aviation’s generosity,” noted Tonya Torosian, Chief Executive Officer of Promises2Kids.

Shelter to Soldier was founded in October of 2012 by Graham & Kyrié Bloem. Graham’s expertise in training service dogs inspired the creation of this incredible nonprofit. Bloem personally identifies shelter dogs that are a fit for the program and then he and his team train the dogs to be ready for a healthy companionship with a post 9/11 combat veteran. Once the connection of trained dog to soldier is made, lives are improved and issues such as post-traumatic stress are mitigated thanks to the warm relationship, task-oriented work and unconditional love of a dog. A previous Schubach Aviation charity partner, this 2016 program will build on existing support initiatives including the placement of “Charlie”, a Schubach sponsored graduating dog, who has been partnered with a United States Marine Corps Veteran, Liz Carmouche.

“Every day, on average, 23 US Veterans commit suicide (source: Department of Veteran Affairs). Even more alarming, this tragic statistic is only from the reporting states. We bring hope and a renewed spirit for both the veteran and the rescued dog and in turn, the pair also helps one another. It is incredibly rewarding – the continued years of recognition and support from Schubach Aviation means the world to us. We would not be where we are today without their support,” says Graham Bloem, Shelter to Soldier Founder & Training Director.