Time: The Ultimate Luxury

Time: The Ultimate Luxury


Time: The Ultimate Luxury | Elite Lifestyle Management by Jessica Krantz

In the past week you might have spent half an hour waiting to dispute cell phone charges, forty minutes trying to get someone to fix the hot water heater and two hours tracking down a gift for your hard-to-shop-for father-in-law. It doesn’t end there. Now you have to hire a house cleaner and research travel options for next month’s conference. The idea wistfully occurs that you’d like to reclaim some of that valuable time for other fundamentally important things in your life and business.  With so many demands, what might be large measures of spare time disappear in a blizzard of bite-sized tasks.

Elite Lifestyle Management

Elite Lifestyle Management (ELM) is a new brand of luxury concierge services right here in San Diego. From its office on 5th Avenue in Bankers Hill, ELM provides members-only concierge services 24 hours a day. Catering to San Diego’s most elite clientele, ELM is the choice for those with the means to enjoy life’s luxuries and the desire for more time to experience them. Business executives rely on ELM to maximize productivity by clearing away basic tasks – from completing travel itineraries to last-minute restaurant reservations.

Michelle St. Clair, Founder and CEO, launched ELM in the fall of 2014, to the lively attention of the community. A former luxury event planner, St. Clair identified a gap in the market when it came to providing support for individuals and businesses that want highly personalized assistance.

“Our clients are San Diego’s most elite men and women,” St. Clair explains. “Perhaps a partner in a law firm who works long hours or an individual who travels extensively and needs us to maintain their affairs while they’re away. Our clients are all incredibly capable people. They just value their time too much to spend it running errands. Once we establish a trusting relationship, our system works seamlessly.”

While customized personal assistance at home and, most commonly, in the five-star hotels has a grand tradition going back many generations, ELM is the region’s first luxury lifestyle management service. The company aims to exceed expectations 100% of the time so that clients can reclaim time for life and business.

Examples of ELM’s Personal Service Packages include:

Elite Devotion

ELM’s Devotion package delivers a Personal Account Manager (AM) who acts as a single point of contact for all requests and functions as a virtual assistant. The AM handles all daily requests, ranging from hotel accommodations to gift purchasing, errands and VIP event access. The AM will keep you briefed through personalized updates regarding restaurant openings, event invitations, and other areas tailored to fit your social interests.

Elite Alliance
ELM’s Alliance service includes an Elite Alliance Account Manager (AM) who will liaise with founder Michelle St. Clair to oversee your account. Together, they act as points of contact for all requests. They function as well-connected virtual assistants with vast personal networks. AMs handle far fewer members than Account Managers, so attention to detail and response time is held to an even higher standard of excellence.

A chat with the founder

As our clients already know, Schubach Aviation (SA) is passionate about providing the highest possible level of service. As the following interview with St. Clair shows, Schubach wanted to know more about ELM and how its clients might enjoy the advantage of ELM’s expertise.

SA: What led you to the decision to open a members-only luxury concierge service that is so extensive in its service offerings?

ELM: I owned an event planning company a few years ago. I was fortunate to have great passion for the line of work I was in, but after my second child was born, I needed a change of pace.  I discovered that San Diego had a real need for a luxury concierge service. No other such service exists in our community.

SA: I read that ELM didn’t open its doors until it acquired a solid foundation of connections.  How extensive is your network and how did you build it?  

ELM: Our network is vast. It extends to the top restaurants in town, night clubs and VIP Events.  I personally reached out to each and every one of our contacts, to ensure that our clients will receive VIP treatment.

SA: How many clients do you manage?

ELM: We have several dozen active clients and our numbers grow each month.

Our client load is fluid because of the extensive range of services we offer – everything from corporate and realtor packages to personal management. Some service packages are predefined for six or twelve months, while others are ongoing. Some of our clients are individuals, while others are employers offering our services to a number of staff. Our Realtor clients extend our services to their own clients. So our client list is actually a conservative representation of the number of people we serve on a daily basis. We have ample highly qualified staff to handle the influx and absolutely never let our level of service to existing clients fall in order to accommodate new clients.

SA: Can you tell us more about the Realtor’s package?  

ELM: Certainly. We partner with Realtors to be present at their open houses. The Realtor will offer our services with the purchase of the home. Then we organize every detail of the move, from packing and moving to installing artwork and researching schools. We make the entire transition stress-free, luxurious and seamless.

SA: What do you want Schubach’s clients to know about ELM?

ELM: We want to help you reclaim your valuable time and enjoy life’s experiences to the fullest. We most definitely understand the level of service San Diego’s VIPs demand, and we aim to provide that and more.

At Schubach Aviation we understand that we offer more than transportation – we provide a memorable experience. Our priority is to build and maintain long-term relationships with community members. We look forward to helping our clients experience the benefits that Elite Lifestyle Management has to offer.

For more information about ELM please visit www.elitelifestylemanagement.com

Author: Jessica Krantz


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