Green Skies Ahead For Schubach Aviation

Green Skies Ahead For Schubach Aviation

Schubach Aviation, San Diego’s premier on-demand air charter service, is offering a carbon-neutral travel program, giving environmentally conscious passengers the option to fly in an aircraft that supports clean energy. The program balances the impact of energy use by supporting an equivalent amount of wind energy production through the purchase of Green-e Certified® Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). In other words, for every gallon of fuel used by this airplane, the airplanes owner purchases equivalent amounts of RECs.

Passengers who select this factory new Citation CJ3 for their air travel will be participating in the program, which offsets the carbon emissions produced during its flights, ensuring zero-emission wind energy is delivered to the country’s energy mix. The Green-e Certified® RECs are purchased through a renewable energy service provider.

Fortunately, Schubach Aviation’s travelers will not have to forfeit luxury for a greener environment. The CJ3 holds up to seven passengers and offers a spacious cabin, private lavatory and a fully stocked refreshment center. This is the second year in a row that the jet’s owner has decided to participate in the program.

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