Schubach Aviation Forms New Hangar One Avionics Division.

Schubach Aviation Forms New Hangar One Avionics Division.

Schubach Aviation, San Diego’s premier on-demand air charter service, has formed a new avionics division, Hangar One Avionics, serving the avionic equipment sales, installation and repair needs of private aircraft owners.

As an FAA certificated repair station and a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association, Hangar One Avionics provides avionics repair and installation services for the general and business aviation community. Due to its central location at Palomar Airport, Hangar One Avionics is conveniently positioned to service the entire Southern California aviation market.

“While Hangar One Avionics services Schubach Aviation managed aircraft, it also provides the same high level of service to local operators and private aircraft owners,” said Hangar One Avionics manager Ken Piland.

A specialized component of the new division includes state-of-the-art services for Airborne Law Enforcement. Through the extensive experience of highly trained staff, Hangar One Avionics is capable of executing complex helicopter and fixed wing avionics completions for regional law enforcement agencies.

With overwhelming demand from aircraft owners wanting to upgrade their cockpits with the newest technology on the marketplace, Hangar One Avionics is equipped to meet the demand. The department’s skilled avionics technicians and design engineers offer exceptional customer service and attention to detail that allow them to fulfill the needs of customers while setting a standard in the industry for others to follow.

“We’re confident that Hangar One Avionics will continue to grow and eventually be recognized as an industry leader in avionics repair and installations services,” said Piland.

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