We are fanatical about our customer service and it shows. It’s important for us to understand what you value most, and then deliver.

Our attention-to-detail minded team is dedicated to provided a seamless travel experience. We take the time to get to know our passengers, we keep detailed profiles and take note of any personal preferences and are sure to have them on-board without your having to ask. We make it a priority to build and maintain relationships. We are in it long term.

We believe that a hassle free process is part of the value we bring our paperwork is minimal. With our “One Call” approach, once you are an established customer a simple phone call is all that is necessary to set your travel plans in motion. Once customers get used to the simplicity of flying with us it’s too much work to use any one else.

We provide more than transportation in a private aircraft, we provide an experience. On-board you will enjoy our well thought out amenities. Premier beverage selections and snack options come standard. It is our pleasure to arrange any special requests, catering, and ground transportation. Whatever the mission, our team is always available and devoted to meeting and exceeding your travel and lifestyle needs.

“As someone who owns private aircraft you become accustom to a certain level of detail and service from your pilots. Chartering from Schubach Aviation matches or exceeds those expectations delivering top notch service 24/7. We feel right at home every time we fly.”

– Brian Verdugo