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Schubach Aviation Adds Mid-Size Hawker 850XP to its Charter Fleet

Just in time for the summer travel season, Schubach Aviation has augmented its charter fleet with a newly acquired Hawker 850XP. The spacious mid-size jet offers maximum passenger comfort, extended range and superior reliability. The Hawker 850XP has been optimized with both design and operational modifications. The addition of winglets, for improved aerodynamics, allows the 850XP to reach altitude faster and to...

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Places Only Reachable By a Private Jet

Places Only Reachable By a Private Jet One of the fundamental perks of private aviation is the ability to easily reach destinations that cannot be accessed by commercial flight, saving precious time— for more R&R. Simply put, flying private allows you to make the most out of your time away. With direct access to many more airports (5,000+ in the United States...

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What Are the Benefits of On-Demand Charter?

When making the decision to fly private there are a variety of pricing options to consider, for example, purchasing charter hours in bulk (commonly referred to as a ‘jet card’) or fractional jet ownership. For 25 years, Schubach Aviation has operated ‘on demand,’ meaning our client have access to our fleet of private jets on a trip-by-trip basis— which is often the...

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