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Schubach Aviation Compared to Brokers

If you are in search of an aircraft charter company chances are you have encountered several private charter broker websites. Convoluted wording can make distinguishing between an operator and broker difficult. The major difference between an operator and a broker is that operators directly operate, manage and maintain a fleet of aircraft. Brokers act as an agent arranging charters with an operator on behalf of the customers. Private charter clients have direct access to any FAA certified operator, a broker is not necessary to book a private flight.

Feature Schubach Aviation Brokers
Access to empty-legs or “one-way” flights around the country.
  • Schubach will go outside of our fleet to accommodate special requests & one-way flights when it makes sense for our customers.
  • All operators and brokers have access to the same network of empty legs across the country.
  • Regulated by the FAA, DOT, TSA & US Customs
  • Schubach has earned an FAA Air Carrier Certificate and exceeds stringent FAA & DOT standards. We are regularly audited by the TSA and interface with US Customs on a frequent basis.
  • Currently unregulated by any safety or transportation related government agency.
  • Manages & Operates a Fleet of Aircraft
  • When any of our aircraft aren’t flying they are in our hangars, you can come see them anytime.
  • Many brokers are based in large cities around the country and cannot personally inspect the aircraft booked on your behalf.
  • Upgrade Capability
  • Because of the size of our fleet we are often able to provide our customers with upgrades.
  • No fleet = no direct ability to upgrade
  • Cost Effective
  • Schubach makes every effort to provide price conscious options without sacrificing safety or quality.
  • Flights are marked up before they reach the customer.
  • Ease of Booking
  • Once you are an established customer, our One Call approach makes booking a charter flight nearly effortless.
  • Rigid contracts are required for every flight booked.
  • Cancellation Policy
  • To add value to our service, Schubach has one of the most liberal cancellation policies in the industry. Call us for details.
  • Must enforce very strict cancellation policies and usually require pre-payment.
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